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Military service offers unique qualifications for careers in Distributed Energy, particularly relating to networking and cyber security. Earn industry-relevant credit for your experience by completing SunSpec Cyberguardians courses.

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SunSpec Cyberguardians offers university-accredited online courses through UC San Diego Extension and North Carolina State University for technical, operational, and vocational applications.

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By participating in SunSpec Cyberguardians, job seekers and employers gain access to the Cyberguardians Career Center, where they can view, post, and apply to active job listings.



The Distributed Energy industry (i.e. solar and energy storage) is one of fastest growing sectors in the country. But with a shortage of qualified workers, particularly those with expertise in the areas of networking and cybersecurity, continued rapid growth is threatened.

The SunSpec Alliance, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy, has mobilized to fill this gap in the market. SunSpec Cyberguardians is a three-year long program that was created to prepare military veteran job seekers and industry professionals for the next wave of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) technology.

Cyberguardians is a SunSpec Alliance program in partnership with


SunSpec Cyberguardians connects qualified job seekers with leaders from the Distributed Energy industry, creating a reliable pathway for hiring managers to source talent and hire veterans. Featured Employers will be able to participate in Cyberguardians events, post jobs to our Career Portal, and advertise job listings to a pool of highly qualified prospective employees.


The Distributed Energy (DE) industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the US and there is a significant demand for qualified workers. SunSpec Cyberguardians aims to place military veterans in new career opportunities in the DE industry by helping them to build on existing experience, develop new skills, and secure relevant credentials for the current job market.


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SunSpec Cyberguardians Fall Recruitment Webinar

Date And Time:
September 1, 2020 from 10am - 11am PDT
Location: ONLINE


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