Network Operations Engineer


Network Operations Engineer




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Responsible for ensuring network connectivity of all GridSecurity-managed facilities. Deploys new infrastructure, manages configurations, and performs troubleshooting of network appliances, including but not limited to, firewalls, VPN concentrators, routers, and switches. Monitors the health of network devices utilizing a variety of tools and techniques, while providing swift response to any identified network issues. Maintains network documentation, including network diagrams, configuration baselines, and backup configurations. Directly supports and reports to the Lead Infrastructure Security Architect and Lead Security Solutions Architect.



We measure GridSME’s success by the caliber of people on our team, and the quality of work theyproduce. You will be expected to drive teamwork and collaboration with the entire GridSME team. Specific areas of focus:

• GridSecurity managed security services

o Support day-to-day operations including, but not limited to, responding to operational network issues, deploying new infrastructure, and continually improving networkreliability

o Support project initiatives, such as evaluating, deploying, configuring, and managing network operations technology that allows GridSec to operate in an effective andefficient manner, providing visibility to network health

o Assist the team building and documenting processes and procedures to manage the security services line of business• GridSecurity consulting work

o Assist the team with existing client work related to all aspects of our cyber security services

o Assist our compliance team with the technical facets of NERC CIP

• Business Development

o Work with our team to connect with potential clients that we can help

o Develop services that add value to current and potential clients

o Leverage your business relationships to help grow the GridSME client list

o Develop relationships and industry contacts to assist clients’ adaptation to a changing energy world

• Challenge our status quo

o Work on areas of the company in need of focus and improvement

o Assist the GridSecurity Team Leads by identifying areas of improvement that support our strategic direction